Ancestrals in La Juanita restaurant

  • Date:25th April, 2019

An unprecedented tasting on the island, at the La Juanita de Palma restaurant. If in 2018 Selva Vins launched the first wine produced by the ancestral method of Mallorca (Ancestral 2017 made with Callet and Mantonegro rosé) on April 25, in an event organized by our distributor Solo de Vino, three other Mallorcan wineries presented their ancestral method wines together with those of Selva Vins: Ancestral 2017 and the new Ancestral 2018, made with 100% Gorgollassa rosé.

La Juanita
Sala dels Flassaders, 4
07002 - Palma
How to arrive
GPS: 39.570531, 2.654735

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